Frustrated by spotty Wi-Fi? Need a new computer? Not sure whether your contacts are syncing or your family photos are backed up? Polyfusion can help you answer these questions, and more.

Based in White Rock, Polyfusion provides residential services across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Home Networking

Still using the Wi-Fi router that your ISP gave you? Frustrated by dead zones? Are your FaceTime calls or video streams stuttering or dropping?

In the last few years, Telus and Shaw have made major improvements in the internet speeds they offer. Unfortunately, these high speeds are bottlenecked by the low-quality equipment they provide in your home. The Wi-Fi routers that Telus and Shaw provide have a short range, can handle just a few devices, and usually can’t reach the maximum speed of your internet plan. Even worse, this equipment usually doesn’t get security updates, and often has vulnerabilities that can leave you vulnerable to viruses, spyware and identity theft.

Polyfusion specializes in installing Ubiquiti UniFi enterprise-grade network equipment. This equipment can handle dozens of connected devices, includes a firewall that helps detect and prevent digital threats, and is expandable across your entire home, at an affordable price.

If your home is older or very large, you may need multiple Wi-Fi access points throughout your home. You’ve probably tried repeaters and extenders, but they don’t work. You need a wired solution, and Polyfusion works with the best low-voltage and electrical contractors in B.C. and manages any cable installation required from start to finish. If you don’t already have an appropriate Telus or Shaw plan, we can arrange one for you and attend the install appointment on your behalf.

Technical Support

Whether you need to set up a new device, transfer your emails and files, or get your smart TV working, it can be hard to know where to turn. Big box stores have tech support services, but they often lack the experience and knowledge needed, which leads to return trips, delays, and frustration. Plus, these services often require you to leave your devices and passwords with them for days, exposing your private data to whichever employee happens to work on your case.

Polyfusion provides personal tech support in-person or remotely. We specialize in working with Apple products, Google and Microsoft cloud services, and Telus Smart Home Solutions. Polyfusion’s experience working in healthcare gives us a long track record of reliability and privacy. Skip the return trips and 1-800 numbers, and trust Polyfusion with your personal tech support needs.


The future is complex, and many people struggle with the new technologies that life requires. Polyfusion can help you learn the ropes of your new device or software package. Our extensive experience in business IT support means that we’ve seen hundreds of different apps, devices and setups before. A quick training session with Polyfusion can save you hours of frustration.